If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected].


I get a lot of emails from people who own table lamps and have some questions. However, I do not sell table lamps and, as such, know little about them. If you send an email about table lamps I will be unable to respond. Sorry!


I am always open to buying lights. However:

1) If you have lights which are original to your home, I always recommend that you carefully box these up, add a note which rooms they came from, and carefully store them in your attic. Eventually, you will want to sell your home. A great many buyers will want the original lights, and will be thrilled to discover that you still have them.

2) If the above is not ideal, you will, most likely, get the best price listing them on eBay.

3) People often look at my lights and think: Wow! My old lights are worth a lot! But there is a significant price difference between a fully restored light, presented well, from a reputable seller, and an unrestored light sitting on a shelf in your garage. The former will be worth hundreds and hundreds (possibly thousands) while the latter is likely worth less than $100. Possibly less than $50.

4) If you just really really want to sell me your lights, well, OK! I would pay you for the lights, and the shipping, after the fixtures have arrived and I am able to confirm that they are as described.

5) I do not buy table lamps or floor lamps (see above).

Enjoy the old above!