1900 Early Electric pendant. Cranberry shades!


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I’m very pleased to offer this wonderful 3-arm circa-1900 Early Electric pendant!

For much of the 19th-century, gas lighting was the norm. Then, very late in the century, gas/electric combination lighting was introduced, and the White House was electrified in 1892. The era for combination lighting was brief, and by the late 1890s electric lighting started making inroads.

Hence, this fixture represents the first generation of electric lighting. It’s design and construction however still reflect an earlier era, like with the vertical pipe. While vital for a gas fixture, this was not required for an electric fixture, where a chain would have sufficed.

These interesting historical considerations aside, the fixture is a knock-out. The patina is particularly lovely, which I but gently polished.

And the cranberry shades? Astonishing! Each is slightly different, as the amazing bottom edges of the shades are crimped by hand before the glass begins to cool. Wow. Wow!

The scrollwork on the arms is solid brass and the casting is particularly fine.

The scale of the fixture, at 26-inches wide (shade to shade edge) is ideal for a bedroom, medium-sized living room, or medium-sized dining room. It would also look good over a kitchen island.

Clear Edison-style LED bulbs would be ideal.

The vertical pipe will be unscrewed to help with shipping. It will be easy to reattach.

With new wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts standard base 60W bulbs (not included). You can use LED bulbs.
COLOR: See above.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down 32-1/2-inches and is 26-inches wide (shade to shade). The shade fitters are 2-1/4-inches.
There’s no damage save a small chip to the fitting end of one shade. This cannot be seen.
There are subtle manufacturing irregularities to the shades. This is normal.
The turn-key sockets are in fine shape with new wiring.
SHIPPING: Insured shipping in the Continental US will be…FREE!