1913 Brascolite. Ideal for kitchen!


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I’m very pleased to offer this fascinating 1913 Brascolite!

I love Brascolites. They were specifically designed to increase wattage while reducing electricity costs! How very modern!

“The ideal light for every purpose!”

The fixture takes one 200W bulb, and the thick glass shade diffuses this, while the bright white finish bounces the light into your room. A 200W LED bulb would be ideal.

The shade is held by three Brascolite hooks. The shade has a hole on the bottom. This was intended to draw up cool air to help keep the bulb from overheating, and also allows bugs to drop out from the shade!

I also love how, well, clean the fixture looks. It’s so very white, and ideal for a kitchen or bath.

The ceiling disk is gloss white paint on steel.

The fixture retains its original and all-important mounting bar. You can’t hang a Brascolite without it!

While the fixture was first created in 1913, it sold for many decades thereafter.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • There is a small dark button on the bottom of the pan. The hole was intended for a pull-chain.
  • The fixture accepts one standard base 200W bulb. An LED bulb would be ideal.

COLOR: Bright white. Small dark brass details.

SIZE: The fixture hangs down almost 11-inches and is 14-1/2-inches wide. The shade is 8-1/2-inches wide.


  • The white gloss paint is new, and replicates the original.
  • The socket and wiring are.

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