1915 ceiling fixture. Amazing


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I’m very pleased to offer this astonishing and quite rare circa-1915 ceiling pendant!

Wow. Wow. Wow!

The fixture is utterly beautiful, of course, but it’s also fascinating.

There are two glass shades. The lower, acorn-shaped shade has a white finish on its lower section, and is clear glass on top.

The upper shade is very wide (a whopping 17-inches) and almost flat. This is a milk-type glass. You can imagine how hard it is to find this fixture with both its shades intact.

The fitter is white enamel. Nice.

The fixture abounds with stunning, richly decorated cast brass components. Just so gorgeous!

The chain links are solid brass, and in the center is a decorative sphere. Fabulous!

For the lighting geek:
The acorn shade has a wonderful finial. Note though the small holes on the small brass cup which the finial attaches to. The heat of the bulb draws air up through these holes. The fitter has an upper, wider section, like a bell, and there’s a space between these two sections which allows the hot air to dissipate. So, the heat from the bulb creates an air current that keeps the bulb from overheating. Cool. I love stuff like this.

Bulb options include:
1) The original socket accepts a 300W or 200W Mogul-size bulb.
2) I have inserted a socket reducer so the fixture can accept a standard base long-neck 300W or 200W incandescent bulb.
3) You can purchase a “socket extender” which will negate the need for a long-neck bulb. As such, you could use a 200W LED bulb (recommended).

This knock-out fixture would have originally been used in, say, a bank or in a high-end commercial building. Today, it would be incredible in a kitchen.

The fixture is now 56-inches long. I can remove 14-inches of chain. I could also remove more but this would mean removing the center sphere.

The wiring is new, and cloth covered like the original.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts one bulb. See options above.
COLOR: White. Gold.
SIZE: See above.
Amazingly, the shades have no chips or cracks. There are subtle scuffs to the white finish of the acorn shade.
The porcelain socket is original with new cloth wiring.
The enamel on the fitter has several areas of loss. Most of this can’t be seen from a normal viewing angle.
The white on the sphere and canopy were originally painted. I have renewed this.
The oversize finial is some sort of plaster. There are small bits of loss, and I refinished these bits.
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