1915 pan chandelier. FIVE glass shades


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I’m very pleased to offer this incredible 5-shade circa-1915 pan-style chandelier!


There are five shades. Four smaller shades and a large center globe. Each features starburst patterns CUT into the glass with a grinding wheel. As this work was hand done each starburst is subtly different. The shades are also frosted.

It’s incredible rare to find such a fixture retaining all its shades.

The fixture is brass and this retains its original painted finish, a kinda golden nutmeg. The beautifully molded arms are cast-brass, and these also retain their original “antique” finish.

All the wiring is new, and cloth-covered like the original. Nice.

The fixture is scaled for a living or dining room.

The fixture is a knock-out.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts standard base 60W bulbs (not included). Clear Edison-style LED bulbs would look great.
COLOR: See above.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down 39-inches and is 23-inches wide (diagonally) or almost 18-inches (side-by-side). I can reduce the length by 12-inches; I can add length. The small shade fitters are 2-1/4-inches.
The shades have the standard tiny chips to their fitting ends. These cannot be seen.
The turn-key sockets are original (and in fine shape) with new wiring and new insulators.
There are subtle dings to the brass. This is normal for vintage brass fixtures.
The finish has small bits of loss.
The outer edge of the body has two stress cracks. This is hard to see once hanging.
The sockets cups all have very narrow and subtle stress cracks. This is also normal.
The very top of the stem has subtle stress lines (not cracks). This is also hard to see once hanging.
Two of the shades (the large dome, and one small shade) are a bit lighter in color. I find this often and don’t have an explaination.
There are very minor manufacturing irregularities to the shades. This, again, is normal.
Some of the set screws on the fitters are replacements. This is not obvious.
The mounting ring (on the bottom of the canopy) is new.
The original chain was corroded (this is normal). The new chain matches the original.
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