1930s crystal wedding cake chandelier


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I’m very pleased to offer this rare and stunning circa-1930s wedding-cake style crystal chandelier!

The lower section of the chandelier is in a classic wedding-cake style. Lovely.

The upper section has crystal strands elegantly draped from top to bottom.

Between each section is an unusual and striking band of filigree silver on a black background.

Even the ceiling canopy is distinctive and gorgeous.

There are three sockets, each accepting 60W.

Most of the metal components appear to be nickel-plated. Some components are silver-plate.

Scale-wise, the chandelier is ideal for a medium-sized room. The chandelier is 14-1/2-inches wide (at the metal ring), and the overall length is 46-inches (I can adjust this up/down). The body of the chandelier is 30-inches long.

Wholly restored and with new wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts three standard base 60W bulbs (not included). Clear bulbs look best.
COLOR: Silver, Black. Glass.
SIZE: See above. As well, I can remove up to 7-1/2-inches of chain; I can add chain.

  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The sockets are original (and in fine shape) with new wiring and paper insulators.
  • There are small bits of paint loss to the black-painted band in the middle.
  • When I purchased the chandelier most of the crystals were missing. As such, I ordered all new crystals. The lower crystals have silver pins; the upper crystals have brass pins.

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