1940s chandelier by Lightolier


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I’m very pleased to offer this rare and incredible early 1940s chandelier by the famous Lightolier Company!

Beginning in the 1920s, and for many decades thereafter, the Lightolier Company (extant today of course) made some of the very finest fixtures. Their designs were always simply dazzling, and the quality was the very very very best. When you restore vintage lights such as I do, these aspects are so obvious they tend to jump out. It’s always a particular pleasure restoring a Lightolier!

This fixture was “enthusiastically endorsed by decorators, acclaimed by home lighting specialists, and admired everywhere,” or so stated the 1942 Lightolier Victory catalog. And, who could doubt it?

The shade – an impressive 16-3/8-inches wide – features grape clusters and leaves, and all in high relief. Gorgeous!

Above the shade is an astounding glass vase. Wow. Wow! WOW! It rather takes your breath away.

Below the shade is a delicious glass bauble. I love these kinds of details.

The metal components are mostly silver in color. The finial is brass, and the ceiling canopy has a gold edge.

The vertical wire is new, and cloth-covered like the original. Nice.

In 1942, the fixture was priced at $24.75. I know, you laugh, but you could similar fixtures for half that from other lighting companies. Of course they wouldn’t have the Lightolier name or quality. It’s the difference between, say, a Chevy and a Mercedes.

To me, a fixture like this should be in a museum. That it retains all its original parts is amazing. In terms of quality, the fixture is light years away from the kind of lighting made today, and was wholly made in America. Remember that far, far away time when this country actually made stuff? And quality stuff at that? Sigh.

Wholly restored and with new sockets and wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts three standard base 75W bulbs.
COLOR: Beige shade. Silver. Bits of brass.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down about 35-inches. The shade, as noted, is 16-3/8-inches wide. I can remove up to 19-inches of chain; I can add chain.

  • The glass vase is undamaged.
  • The shade has no chips or cracks. The inside finish has some mottling; this is not obvious on the outside. The bottom of the shade has subtle scuffing (see image). The outside finish shows subtle loss (see images)
  • The porcelain sockets are new. All the wiring is new.
  • The chain is original and shows subtle age.
  • There are very subtle manufacturing irregularities to the shade. This is normal.

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