1940s wedding cake crystal chandelier


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I’m very pleased to offer this glittering 1940s wedding cake-style crystal chandelier!

The fixture is scaled for a foyer or bedroom. It is 11-inches wide, and hangs down 26-inches (I can adjust this).

The top of the fixture is a large glass bowl, and this features inset lines and ovals. Stunning. Wow.

Hanging from the bowl are three rings of crystals, and a crystal sphere.

Above the bowl is a glass vase, featuring more inset ovals.

There is a single socket. All the wiring (cloth-covered!) is new.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • The fixture accepts one standard base 60W bulbs (not included).
  • Most of the metal components are nickel-plated. The rings are silvery; their finish is undetermined.

COLOR: Glass. Silver.
SIZE: See above. I can remove up to 3-1/2-inches of chain; I can add chain.

  • The only issue is subtle scratches to the large bowl.
  • The socket and wiring are new.
  • When I purchase the fixture it was missing numerous crystals. What remained was chipped and scratched. Thus, all the crystals are new, and with nickel-plated pins.
  • The original chain was corroded (this is common). The new chain precisely matches the original in terms of scale and shape.

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