1950 RED crystal chandelier by Porcelier


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I’m very pleased to offer this astounding circa-1950 chandelier by the famous Porcelier Company!

For many decades, Porcelier made some of the finest lighting fixtures and house wares. There’s a book on their work:
Collector’s Guide to Porcelier China

Around 1950, Porcelier updated their line of lighting. Some new fixtures were introduced but, mostly, existing fixtures received subtle updates.

This chandelier exemplifies the latter approach. Save for the shade, everything about the chandelier dates from circa-1940. But the shade was…new. And very modern! Previously, Porcelier used cast glass shades, but the shade here is slumped glass, and such shades quickly became all the rage in the 1950s.

Also, the chandelier personifies a really interesting period of design. It is later than the Deco era, and before the Atomic Age era.

Above all though, the chandelier is AMAZING! It is incredibly rare; I have never offered it once previously (with a pink shade), and spent many year looking for one.

The chandelier retains ALL its original components. The ceiling canopy, chain, chain flourish, porcelain stem, crystals, sockets, shade, glass dish under shade, and glass finial are ALL original to each other. Yep, amazing.

The stem (above the shade) and ceiling canopy are porcelain, and these are typical of Porcelier. They feature exquisite flowers. Gorgeous. They also feature brilliant gold trim (real gold, I believe).

The dazzling glass shade is white, gray, and red. Wow.

Under the shade is an intricate glass dish. In the center is a hand-blown glass finial, which looks like a miniature tornado!

Well, I cannot express enough my excitement over offering this STUNNING and RARE and FABULOUS beauty by Porcelier! If your house was built in the early 1950s than this knock-out might be ideal!

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixture accepts four standard base 60W bulbs (not included). I suggest appliance-sized bulbs.
COLOR: Off-white. Red. Colorful flowers. Accent of gray.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down 27-inches and is 17-inches wide. I can remove up to 8-inches of chain; I can add chain.

  • The only issues are some wear to the gold trim, a minute bits of loss to the white finish on the shade.
  • There are no chips or cracks to the shade, porcelain, or glass dish.
  • The sockets are original (and in fine shape).
  • The vertical wire is new, and cloth-covered like the original.

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