1950s crystal chandelier by LIGHTOLIER


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I’m very pleased to offer this OMG 1950s crystal chandelier by the incomparable Lightolier Company!

I’ve never offered anything like it. Just wow.

From the catalog: “In this unusual silhouette, candles and tapered octagonal crystal prisms flare gracefully outward, showing to advantage the first new crystal cutting in centuries.”

Yep, wow.

And there’s more.

The finial is gobsmacking. It’s a long crystal bell (6-inches!), with a crystal ‘clapper’ hanging from inside. That these delicate components remain is astonishing.

Surrounding the bell finial are eight octagonal crystals (a dazzling 4-inches in length) hanging from crystal spheres.

Above, are eight more crystal prisms shooting upward. These are 5-1/2-inches long.

And there are yet eight more octagonal crystals handing from delicious brass curly-cues.




The metal is brass.

The chandelier is an impressive 23-inches wide (from candle to candle).

Of note is how original the chandelier is. All the crystals are in situ and original. The chain and brass ceiling canopy are original. Even the candle covers are original!

The wiring though is all new, as are the paper insulators.

Originally, the fixture was priced at $329.65. I know, you laugh! But this was one of Lightolier’s most expensive offerings, and about twice the price of comparable fixtures by other lighting companies. This premium was for the quality, design, and the Lightolier name. Kinda like the difference between a Chevy and a Rolls-Royce. This premium still applies today.

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect chandelier to hang over, say, your T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings dining table, then this knock-out may be ideal.

This fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

The fixture accepts candelabra base 40W bulbs (not included). I used the same small appliance bulbs as shown in the catalog image. Clear LED bulbs would look well.
The brass was originally polished bright and with a protective lacquer. Nonetheless, the brass has developed a patina which I respected.
COLOR: Crystal. Brass with patina. White candle covers.
SIZE: See above. As well, the fixture hangs down about 31-inches. I can remove up to 3-inches of chain; I can add chain.
I love writing this: there’s no damage. Amazing!
The sockets are original (and in fine shape) with new wiring and paper insulators. The vertical wire is new and plastic.
The plastic candle covers are original and in very good vintage condition.
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