1970s mind-boggling Mod chandelier.


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I’m very pleased to offer this frankly astonishing circa-1970 chandelier.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you?

This is one of the wildest lighting fixtures ever created. Yep, wow.

There are five green Lucite (of course) curved panels, and these support five bulbs. The white globes are the light bulbs.

In the center is a sixth bulb, and this directs lights straight down. The fixture was intended for over a dining table.

There’s a switch that controls all the above. One click and the single down-bulb goes on. Another click switches on the 5 bulbs. One more click and all six bulbs light up. Cool.

The scale is impressive: a whopping 26-inches across.

The metal components have a gold finish.

The chain and canopy are original.

In the right environment this chandelier would make an incredible statement. Oh-so-mod, baby!

If you buy this fixture, and place it in a room with shag carpeting, I cannot be held responsible if your guests immediately suffer sensory overload from the utter OMG of your retro creation – and fall to the floor in a dead faint.


DETAILS: The fixture accepts six standard base 60W bulbs. The white bulbs shown are not included. They are commonly available, and come in different wattages. The bulbs I show are a little less than 4-inches wide. A regular bulb is fine for the center socket.
COLOR: See above.
SIZE: The fixture hangs down about 36-inches and is a whopping 26-inches wide. I can remove 19-1/2-inches of chain. I can add chain.

  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The metal appears to be steel with a gold finish. This finish looks very good for its age. There is some subtle irregularity, and small age spotting.
  • The Bakelite sockets and wiring are original, modern plastic, and all in fine condition.

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