1950s ceiling fixture by Lightolier


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I’m very pleased to offer this astounding Mid-Century ceiling fixture by the incomparable Lightolier Company!

Beginning in the 1920s, and for many decades thereafter, the Lightolier Company (extant today of course) made some of the very finest fixtures. Their designs were always simply dazzling, and the quality was the very very very best. When you restore vintage lights such as I do, these aspects are so obvious they tend to jump out. It’s always a particular pleasure restoring a Lightolier!

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The glass shade is an astonishing 21-inches wide. The fixture is 15-inches high.

The pattern on the wide glass shade was a Lightolier innovation. Normally, patterns on clear glass were paint, and thus blocked light. Lightolier introduced “Claremont” glass, based on an “ancient Chinese art”. The pattern was created by “hundreds of thousands of near-microscopic glass beads” fused onto the clear glass, resulting in a “brilliant sparkle”.

Above the glass shade is a golden 12-inch wide bowl, and inside are nestled four sockets.

Above the double shades are ten thin brass rods and each ending in a hand-blown glass sphere. Just wow.

Just under the brass ceiling canopy is a pivot, so if you bonk the glass shade the fixture will move rather than, hopefully, the glass shattering.

Please also note the original, distinctive brass shade mount, and original ceiling canopy.

In its day, this was an extremely expensive fixture. This premium was for the quality, design, and the Lightolier name. Kinda like the difference between a Chevy and a Rolls-Royce. This premium still applies today.

To me, a fixture like this should be in a museum. And not just because it retains all its original parts. It’s the quality, too; the fixture is light years away from the kind of lighting made today, and was wholly made in America. Remember that far, far away time when this country actually made stuff? And quality stuff at that? Sigh.

So, if you have been searching for the perfect Mid-Century light to hang over, say, your T. H. Robsjohn-Gibbings-designed dining room set, then this rare and remarkable Lightolier may be ideal.

Wholly restored and with new sockets and wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • The fixture accepts four standard base 60W bulbs.
  • The brass has been polished. It has not been lacquered.

COLOR: Gold. Glass.

SIZE: See above.


  • The only issues are minor and not readily obvious. The shade has a small chip to its inside upper edge. There are also several flea bites along the edge.
  • The porcelain sockets and wiring are new.

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