1920s silvery sconces by Empire PAIR


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I’m very pleased to offer this stunning pair of 2-arm sconces by Empire!

The sconces are made from cast metal (I am uncertain what the metal is) and are rich with detail.

The tall back has a separate plate, painted a rich brown. The sconces look silver-plated but I think this is a finish rather than actual silver plating. There are also touches of green and red. All the colors are original.

Style-wise, I am uncertain what the sconces are, although they would look quite well in a petite French chateau!

The sconces are unusual in having a very low mounting button. This is where the sconces attach to your electrical box. The sconces are, overall, 9-inches high. The mounting button is 6-1/2-inches from the top. This means that the sconces will, from the center of your electrical box, be 6-1/2-inches higher. Please also note that the round part around the mounting button will cover a 3-3/4-inch diameter round electrical box, or an older, vertically-mounted, rectangular box (new rectangular boxes are larger).

Wholly restored and with new sockets and wiring, this pair is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!



  • Sadly, the period-correct, hand-painted bulbs are not included. Happily, I will let you know where to get them. Also, most any flame-style bulb will look quite well.
  • The fixtures accept standard base 60W bulbs.
  • Each sconce has an on/off switch. As I don’t trust old switches I deactivated these. If this feature is important please contact me.
  • The mounting buttons are replacements.

COLOR: See above.

SIZE: See above. As well, the sconces are 9-3/4-inches wide, and they project 4-inches.


  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The sockets and wiring are new.
  • The candle covers are new.
  • The polychrome is original. It looks very good for its age but is clearly vintage.

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