1930s Gill Glass pendants PAIR


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I’m very pleased to offer this astounding pair of large 1930s pendant fixtures by the famous Gill Glass!


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These fixtures – Semi-Indirect Ornamental Luminaires, no less – were first produced in the late 1930s and would have been manufactured all through to the 1950s.

I have a 1949 Gill price list, and the fixtures were $33.75 each. I know, you laugh, but that was pricey at the time! This was an era when average cost of a new car was $1420, and the average hourly wage was 70 cents an hour!

Due to their large scale, these fixtures were intended for commercial settings like banks, schools, or department stores. They accept up to 500W each, so they throw off a LOT of light. However, because most of the light is directed towards the ceiling, a highly flattering diffused light is the result. Nice.

Today of course such fixtures are particularly prized for residential settings.

There’s an 18-inch wide glass shade (!), and this has a subtle marbleized kind of pattern. Under is a shallow dish, and a dashing finial.

The fixtures are 41-inches long, so you need at least 10-foot ceilings.

The catalog image (picture #2) shows a slightly different model. The pair listed here are identical save the decorative banding just above the socket housing. Lighting companies often offered variations in their fixtures.

The fixtures have a swivel mount. So, if you bonk the fixture, it will likely move rather than the shade breaking. It is hoped. Please note that both shades are totally undamaged, so there must be some merit to the swivel! You can also use the fixtures on a shallow, angled ceiling.

The fixtures are steel, I believe, with a “stained bronze” finish. This is a kinda coppery color.

I have numerous other Gill fixture listed, too. Please just visit my eBay store; I will have GILL in the title.

Wholly restored and with new wiring, this set is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!



  • The fixtures each accept one Mogul base 500W bulbs.
  • The long rod is more silver in tone than the rest of the fixture.

COLOR: See above.

SIZE: See above.


  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The shades have no chips or cracks.
  • The “stained bronze” finish looks very good (see images). There are subtle are spots. Due to an irregular patina, I polished the dishes on the bottom, so they are at the moment more copper in tone. They will soon develop a patina. The dishes have a subtle irregular tone, and subtle age spots. Once the fixture is hanging, it’s difficult to discern from this and reflections.
  • The porcelain socket is original with new wiring.

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