1940s lamps by Rembrandt. PAIR. Original Shades


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I’m very pleased to offer this pair of late 1930s table lamps by Rembrandt.

I specialize in vintage ceiling fixtures and wall sconces. Rarely do I offer table lamps. On rare occasions however I come across a pair so extraordinary that I feel compelled to purchase them.

And this pair? Wow. Wow!

Rembrandt Lamps offered high-quality lamps, and this pair is no exception. They are beautifully made. The detail, design, and materials are all exceptional. There are brilliant gold accents, too.

Then there are the shades. OMG! They are, no doubt, original, and are deliciously evocative of the late 1930s and early 1940s.

The condition of the shades is unusual for their age, but they are absolutely vintage and look as such:

  • The fringe is in good condition (good, not excellent).
  • Each upper corner has a silver X-shape cording. These are all in situ, but at least four of the eight would need to be replaced.
  • The inner lining of one shade is in good condition. The lining of the other shade has several tears; some small, one large (like 3-inches).
  • The outer fabric is in good condition.
  • The upper “drapes” are in good condition. Perhaps if cleaned, and steamed, they would drape, well, better. They look tired now.

Even considering their vintage condition, the shades are, in my opinion, invaluable for two reasons:

  • They are, as mentioned, original, and have a strong period look.
  • If you wish, they are templates to have the shades re-made. Imagine trying to have such distinctive shades made without the originals as a guide!

Save one flea bite, the lamps (which are, I believe, made of porcelain) are in excellent condition. The bases are metal.

I will rewire the lamps with new cloth-covered wiring, and with new Bakelite plugs. The 3-way sockets will also be new.

The shades sit on white glass inner diffuser shades.

The finials appear to be original.

DETAILS: Each lamp accepts one 150W 3-way standard base bulb.
COLOR: The lamp (bases, not shades) color is hard to describe, a kinda pinkish beige. The roses are brown. The shades are a pale blush.
SIZE: The overall height is 36-inches. Impressive. The shades are 13-high, and and 15-1/2-wide at their base. The distance between table top and shade bottom is 20-inches. Then wide point of the lamp body is 7-inches.
CONDITION: See above.
SHIPPING: Insured shipping in the Continental US will be…FREE!