1970s mod chandelier and table lamp. RETRO madness!


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In my many years of selling vintage lighting I’ve never before offered anything quite so, well, astonishing!

I’m very pleased to offer this mind-boggling pair of oh-so-very-70s lamps!

This remarkable set consist of a table lamp and matching swag ceiling fixture! I love it! Normally you would use the fixtures on each side of a sofa. You could also use the lamp next to the sofa and the other fixture swagged over the dining table. Or, imagine the fixtures on each side of your king-sized bed! Wow!

I must emphasize the scale of the lights. They are large and quite imposing in person. The table lamp is fantastic 41-inches tall! The body of the swag fixture is 27-inches high. Please see the last two images for scale comparisons.

The fixtures are pottery with an extraordinary glazing (see images). You gasp! Inside each body is a fabric shade. On the table lamp this lights up, too. Wow!

The glazing is mostly a kind of, ah, radioactive green, with accents of orange and smaller bits of yellow.

It’s also impressive the condition of the set. No chips or cracks or damage of any kind. Even the shade on the table lamps looks pristine. Amazing.

These fixtures must have cost a fortune in the 1970s. As they do today! This would also account for their extreme rarity.

In the right environment this set would make an incredible statement. Oh-so-mod!

If you buy this set, and place the fixtures in a room with shag carpeting, I cannot be held responsible if your guests immediately suffer sensory overload from the utter fabulousness of your retro creation – and fall to the floor in a dead faint.


  • The table lamp has a 3-way switch on the bottom. One click and the base of the lamp turns on (a small Christmas bulb is inside). Another click will turn on the main bulb. Another click will turn off the small bulb. A finial click will turn both bulbs off. The upper bulb also has its own switch.
  • I will supply the mounting hardware for the swag lamp. You will need to tell me what your ceiling is made of (sheetrock? Wood? Plaster on lath?).

COLOR: See above.

SIZE: See above. As well, the chain and tassel on the swag fixture add another 9-inches. The chain on the swag is of course easily adjustable.


  • I love writing this: there’s no damage.
  • The sockets and wiring are original (and in fine shape).
  • There are minute (and I mean minute) age spots to the brass base of the lamp.

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