1920 pan-style fixtures. ONE chandelier. PAIR sconces


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I’m very pleased to offer this wonderful opportunity:

  • An early electric pan-style 3-shade chandelier!
  • And, a pair of pan-style sconces!

These type fixtures were very popular for decades, from about 1905 to 1935. This particular set has unusually beautiful glass shades, and of a style that I’ve never before offered. The glass is quite thin, and has delicate designs cut (not frosted) into the glass. The effect is obvious in person and really striking. The shades are banded by pale gold/nutmeg frosting. Nice. I also like the lovely scalloped bottom edges.

Like most stamped brass Pan fixtures of the era, this chandelier was painted originally. I have renewed the original nutmeg color. The sconces are now bare brass (how I found them). I can paint them to match the chandelier or ship them As Is.

Please also note the two sweet finials on the chandelier (one on the canopy and the other on the Pan body). I love these type of small, intact details.

The wiring is new of course and cloth-covered like the original.

For the hardware geek:
On the chandelier, the shades are not held in place by the standard three screws but rather with an ingenious flexible thingy. You push two little eyelets together, slip the shade in, and let go. Cool. This must have been high-tech magic in its day.

This set is ideal for most home styles built before, say, 1935, and perfect for a medium-ish dining room, library, large-ish foyer, or bedroom.

Wholly restored and with new sockets and wiring, this set is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • The fixtures accept standard base 60W bulbs.
  • Each socket has an on/off paddle switch.

COLOR: The main finish is nutmeg. There are bits of brass. The shades are clear glass with gold-nutmeg bands.


  • The chandelier hangs down about 34-inches. I can adjust this up/down. The fixture is about 15-inches wide, shade to shade edge.
  • The sconces are 11-inches high. The back-plates are 4-1/2-inches wide. The sconces project about 6-inches.


  • One shade has a flea bite to its inner edge (and I mean flea bite). I doubt you will notice.
  • The stamped brass canopy on the chandelier has numerous dimples. This is not readily obvious eight or more feet in the air (see images).
  • The turn-key sockets and cloth wiring are new.
  • The nutmeg finish replicates the original color.
  • The chandelier chains and double finials are original. They are not painted.

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