1930s Art Deco pendants. THREE


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I’m very pleased to offer this extraordinary opportunity:
THREE matching Moderne aluminum and glass pendant fixtures!


The aluminum shades are LARGE: a whopping 18-inches wide (and the fixtures are 32-inches high).

At the bottom of each shade is a smaller glass shade and this magically glows when the fixtures are lighted. The glass shades have the added detail of thin, concentric, brown rings.

The fixtures accept a 300W bulb, so they throw off a lot of light. Because most of this will be bounced towards the ceiling, a very nice diffused quality of light is offered.

Please don’t miss the wonderful finial! So 1930s!

Originally, the fixtures (by Westinghouse) were installed in a church built in 1937.

The set is ideal for a large, high space like a loft, bar, restaurant, or commercial lobby.

Wholly restored and with new wiring, this set is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!

DETAILS: The fixtures accept a Mogul base 300W bulb. The fixtures currently have adapters so a 200W standard base bulb can also be used.

COLOR: Aluminum. White lower shades with brown lines.

SIZE: The fixtures hang down 32-inches and are 18-inches wide. I cannot adjust the height.


  • The only issues are minor. The thin brown rings on the glass lower shades show some wear.
  • The aluminum will have very subtle dings, scuffs, and age marks. I mean subtle.
  • The porcelain sockets are original with new wiring. The porcelain outer casing on one socket has a large chip. This does not affect the bulb.

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