1940s yellow low light by Virden


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I’m very pleased to offer this striking late 1940s ceiling fixture by the famous Virden Company!

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The shade is incredible! Wow! One of the most dazzling glass shades ever created. It’s made from very thick glass, and features luscious flowers in high relief! Virden offered the shade in four colors, and canary yellow, offered here, is my favorite. It is a distinctive sharp yellow. Gorgeous.

You see the shade on eBay occasionally but it is normally attached to made-yesterday creations dripping with crystal drops. Please note however that Virden only ever offered the fixture as is shown here. Thus, you can be assured of having a true period look.

The fixture retains all its original components, including the brass disk just above the brass finial (I love these smaller details).

There are four porcelain sockets, each, allowing the fixtures to accept a whopping 300W if desired. So, beautiful and brilliant!

The shade is 14-inches square. The fixtures are ideal for a smaller-to-medium size living/dining rooms, a kitchen, or bedroom.

Wholly restored and with new sockets and wiring, this fixture is ready to hang, and comes with all the mounting hardware needed!


  • The fixture accepts four standard base 75W bulbs.
  • The brass has been polished. It has not been lacquered.

COLOR: See above.

SIZE: See above. As well, the fixture is 7-1/2-inches high.


  • The only issue is minor. There is a chip to the upper edge, corner, on one shade. You would need to be on a ladder to see this.
  • The porcelain sockets and wiring are new.
  • The canary yellow finish has some subtle tonal irregularity. This does not appear to be age-related but rather how the shade was made. There are very minute bits of loss to the finish as well.
  • The finish on the ceiling canopy has been newly redone in the original ivory color.

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